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Hope you find this useful. But if you have no problems just let well enough alone, I guess. An alternative is to disable the touchpad and use a mouse. There seem to be two issues at play here.

Do you suppose there's just some bad keyboard hardware shipping on some of them? Boot into Windows and turn off the lights completely using the light switch button in the upper left corner on the keyboard deck. Wait ten seconds and then power up the system and enter Windows.

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Also, this isn't a complete fix, but it is a start. It that doesn't work, go into Device Manager and expand keyboard.

Software updates do not fix hardware issues. For some reason, it really didn't like that one. And you get the same in ubuntu. Hello, I am also frustrated by the keyboard problem random missing keystrokes. The right edge of the spacebar is defined from the light of the right Alt key.

ASUS G74Sx Notebook Drivers Download for Windows 7 10

The left mouse button of the touchpad also lies a bit lower then the right one, but that's not a real issueYou should fix that before it works too loose and potentially damages the button assembly. If the keyboard still exhibits the exact same keystroke registration problem, I think you have to conclude it's bad hardware. Two keys don't work properly, I've to press them very hard to work.

Maybe you should do that, too while you're in there. Hell, I'll send it back to amazon and get a refund. They could take a few lessons from Apple. Any idea if I can fix this myself?

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Very disappointed for such fundamental things, though the laptop is great otherwise. That's really not acceptable in my opinion. Thank you for your interest in this question. They both must be disabled.

There is supposed to be a bios in the works. If you never did a system cleanup, you may find some big improvements! Select Notebook in the left column and then don't select your laptop model. Unfortunately, while it does seem like the keyboard works better, it still has issues. Moving the mouse pointer feels good, only scrolling with two fingers is way to fast and actually unusable.

This is the safest way to update anyway, so just use that method whenever you need to update. So, do I understand that even with these updates, there is no NumLock capability on the keyboard? It's weird how random and intractable certain issues seem to be in these models. Does it misbehave other than when you're typing? Asking because some sites, state that it has a backlit keyboard, other sites dont this exact model.

ATK Package install with windows 10 - where are the files

That is, when you're using it, does the cursor start going all haywire and become uncontrollable? Hi, I'm new and here's my first post. During assembly, some adhesive backing and tape are placed on the underside of the keypad.

Out of so much good that's in this machine, an issue like this can seriously destroy any good reputation I have for it. As for the first issue, I believe I've done everything recommended by these forums. The other screw, unfortunately, is just under the cover off to the left.

ATK Package install with windows 10 - where are the files

However, when I press the num pad keys on the laptop, it still shows as top-row number keys. You know, where you uninstall programs and such? When I use an external keyboard and press number pad key on the external keyboards, it shows as a numpad key. You're not the only one with that problem, unfortunately. But I am usually working on a workstation anyway.

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In some units, this seems to cause issues with static electricity not dissipating properly, which in turn causes that erratic, glitchy behavior you're seeing. Restart again when prompted. That might clean some oxidation off of something. Look at the mouse device in Device Manager and make note of your touchpad manufacturer. Additional bonus would be other extra keys that I could program and use.

ATK Package install with windows 10 - where are the files

And that's when you return or replace it. When I type, it sometimes write random letters and goes in an other part of my message. Try pressing them firmly and doing a circular motion. Christmas it not so long though! So updating to bios will disable the calculator key and get the numlock back?

It's not really noticeable. If it's properly installed, it has to be even, unless the buttons themselves are broken or messed up.

Never gonna buy Asus notebooks again. Asus still needs to fix that stupid calculator key so it can act like a numlock key. But this is too much assumption of course software origin, fix being recognized developed by Asus. Im on all default drivers other than nvidia as Im still trying to catch up on what I need to do, xp c2008 thermal printer driver for mac though.

What ticks me off more however is that while this fixes the problem in Windows, the numpad still isn't working in Linux which I use daily for work. And I wouldn't conclude it's just a bad system, as it has happened twice on two stock machines now.

Your first post suggested that you were experiencing the same touchpad problem that chenty described, but if you just don't like the driver functions, that's a whole different deal. Download the latest version of the manufacturer's touchpad driver. But this may all be a moot point, if your touchpad is bad.

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