Big Bertha Hawkeye Vft Titanium Driver

Big bertha hawkeye driver

Normal scratches from a couple of seasons of use. Maybe it is just me but I can't seem to get the ball in the air with this club. In almost every case, however, each tester scored better with some other wood. Founded in by the late Ely Callaway, the mission of Callaway Golf is to passionately pursue advanced, innovative technologies to sell the world's best golf clubs, balls, and accessories.

Callaway Golf Drivers

Callaway Golf Drivers

Graphics may be worn off in places and paint may have worn away. Outlet condition clubs have never been hit.

The Big Berthas got a total revamping. Many better golfers began to find the Big Berthas to be vague and unsubstantial in comparison. No Callaway goes into production without being able to produce that pleasing, ringing sound that Bertha fans have grown so accustomed to over the years. The more aggressive feel of the HawkEyes inspired some testers to overswing and mishits were more common. Years ago, saitek st220 digital drivers I owned this driver.

The Callaway crew from Carlsbad, California responded to the challenge with comprehensive thoroughness. These innovations are geared to create a piercing ball flight that launches the ball at a more desirable angle. Typical scratches from heavy use but no imperfections that will affect performance. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site.

Callaway Hawk Eye VFT Drivers

Outlet condition clubs could exhibit some minor scuffs on the sole or other form of shop-wear. Normal scratches and nicks from rubbing other clubs that affect appearance, but not the playability of the club. Callaway had a big drop in popularity as other companies swept through the golf ranks with their low centers of gravity and rock-solid performance.

Even our pros had trouble gaining consistency with it. They may have a few scratches if you look closely but will still look like the newest club in most bags.

This is most pronounced in the drivers. The driver was briefly used on course by a number of testers.

Regretably, I sold it to a friend. All of paint-fill still in the grooves. May have a few paint chips from rubbing against other clubs but are otherwise structurally perfect. Polished look Like New but with a bit more wear.

Callaway Hawk Eye VFT Pro Series Drivers

Minimal hitting with higher lofted versions have revealed them to be much more consistent and user-friendly. These clubs have seen normal use usually several seasons but are in better than average shape for that particular model club. With the seven degree driver the ball left too hot, too low and too left for most of our testers to handle it securely.

Few golf clubs launch the ball with more exhilarating authority than does a Hawk Eye. On drivers it is positioned towards the heel to aid in correcting ball flight. These clubs may have been refinished at some point. Problem is there's not many of these left in mint condition. Grooves are still sharp and in great condition.

Paint-fill in grooves may be worn or missing in places. Scratches and wear consistent with steady use but no dents or damage that will affect the weight or structural integrity of the club. May have a few brush marks but otherwise perfect.

These are the Mercedes-Benz of golf clubs. Additionally, considerable work was done to fine tune the intangibles of the club such as aural and subliminal feedback factors. These clubs are nearly impossible to differentiate from new. Works very well and was in better shape that anticipated.

Callaway Drivers

It still keeps a reasonably low trajectory. May have a few brush marks but nearly perfect. If you don't love it, simply put it back in the box it came in, use the included prepaid return shipping label, and send it back to us. The Hawk Eyes do their jobs exceedingly well and are worth the hefty price tag. Plenty of pop for one who can hit the sweet spot consistently.

Normal scratches from shot impacts that will not affect performance. Paint may have a small scratch or chip, but they will be barely visible. Easy to hit and balls go long and straight. If you do love it, that's awesome!

These scratches are common for the polished soles on most Callaway Golf woods. For a rich, sensual feel, however, none can top the Hawk Eyes. Grooves will have typical wear from frequent play and nicks that will not affect playability.

Feel is great but that is about all I can say that is good of the club for me. This is our highest rated Certified Pre-Owned condition. For most testers this attitude changed the first time they made solid contact with the Hawk Eye. The club makes me look good off the tee. Love the look at set up and distance isn't bad either.

These clubs have been used but not abused. Might have some small chips or scratches but will not be visible without close inspection. Want to test out two different brands, or two different configurations? They have been hit very few times, if at all, and show almost no wear.

Perfect sharp grooves with scoring lines and paint fully intact. Get notified when we get it! Certificate of Authenticity. Distances are excellent and trajectories are everything that could be hoped for. Even golfers not generally enamored with Callaway woods were impressed by the sensual feedback created by the Hawk Eyes.

Hawk Eye VFT Pro Series Drivers

You get to try it when, where, and how you want for two weeks before deciding if you want to buy it or not. These are great clubs for those looking for performance and value and are less concerned about cosmetics. Today, it might be only useful for players who play on windy courses who need a lower ball flight. The basic head shapes are very similar and, if anything, the tungsten weight screw in the Hawk Eye helps get the ball up better. Paint chips more prevalent in areas from rubbing against other clubs in the bag but no dents or damage that will affect performance.