Decklink Mini Recorder Drivers

No other capture cards support more applications and more platforms than DeckLink, intel 440lx driver so you can always work with your favorite software. Simply connect the switcher program or aux output to the DeckLink input and run your favorite streaming software. Video Encoding DeckLink cards are fully compatible with popular video streaming software so you can broadcast live to online viewers! International orders are processed the next shipping day.

DeckLink Mini Recorder / DeckLink Mini Monitor

Livestream immediately recognized the unit and I was able to adjust the settings remotely and verify that it was working. Be the first to review this item. You'll be able to ingest footage as the camera's recording live or from a playback of the camera's recording. Streaming DeckLink is fully compatible with popular video and audio streaming software so you can get your live stream to millions of online viewers!

As far as the other metadata, I am not certain. Learn more about Tech Specs. Blackmagic Utilities Included!

There are even multi channel models that allow you to use a single card to capture and playback from multiple sources at the same time! Use DeckLink cards to capture from cameras into specific, rare or custom file formats, so you can use live capture to prepare media in real-time for your post production workflow. The latest firmware isn't always the best option. Audio Post DeckLink is perfect for audio post production when working on sound tracks of television commercials, episodic television production and feature films.

Firmware built into software driver. DeckLink capture and playback cards are used every day on Hollywood feature films, episodic television programs, music videos, commercials and more! All in all this is a great piece of hardware, especially for the price. DeckLink Models Select Range. The Blackmagic DeckLink Capture source casts output from any compatible playback device e.

How To Configure Blackmagic Capture Cards - Userful Support

Connect virtually any professional or consumer analog video device or deck. Windows audio software support allows you to use Steinberg Nuendo for audio re-recording and multitrack mastering and in Cubase you can score music to a separate video track! Internal Software Upgrade Firmware built into software driver.

If this is your only application, this could be a good product for you. Connecting to Live Production Switchers Connecting to live production switchers is easy. Authorized Blackmagic Dealer! Loaded at system start or via updater software.

Generate titling and graphics for live production on workstations and then present them to the switcher in real-time. For streaming or capture into custom video formats DeckLink cards simply connect to the live production switcher video output and can be used to capture live! Use the built in keyer found in most DeckLink models as a part of the playout workflow when layering graphics over live input.

Technical Specifications

If your software does not support direct capture from DeckLink cards then simply use the included Media Express software to capture to a wide range of compressed and uncompressed video formats. Processing Colorspace Conversion Hardware based real time.

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For detailed instructions on configuring Blackmagic capture cards please visit Installation and Operational Manual. Calculate Shipping yussueqsfq. Great idea to provide a low profile faceplate with the unit for use in ingest servers. When I change the output on the camera the software auto detects the change, which is a nice feature. Over all i think it a good product for the price.

The card was easy to install once I swapped in the low profile bracket provided. The card performs just one compression, upon delivery to your computer, where your footage gets encoded into an edit-ready codec of your choice. Splitcam and Manycam should work, but I haven't got it working yet. DeckLink is also perfect for monitoring, allowing you to connect client monitors to the DeckLink video output to preview work on big screen televisions! The card is newer and will probably not be recognized.

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Media Express lets you capture, organize and playback all your project media! Please do not use Reference Input port i. Mapping allows you to bind a specific display or video wall to the Blackmagic DeckLink Capture source. To return to the main documentation page, Click Here. Software based up conversion during video capture.

Wirecast saw it immediately and works perfectly with it. To change the source configuration e. Audio software supported includes Nuendo, Cubase and more.

How can we help you

How can we help you

Only one display or video wall can be mapped to a single blackmagic capture source i. Resolve Live allows you to add nodes and correctors live, then store grades to link up with the camera media later. For detailed instructions on common problems encountered while using capture cards, please visit Troubleshooting Guide.

How To Configure Blackmagic Capture Cards - Userful Support

Perform unparalleled color correction using DaVinci Resolve. The included Media Express software lets you manage capture from external devices such as decks with wide metadata support. Select Your Favorite Model!

The point of ingesting through a capture card is to bypass unnecessary compressions and hence data loss. The Media Express software included with the card works fine, but I want to use the card to capture webcam snapshots automatically and I haven't found a program that works. Audio software supported includes Steinberg Nuendo and Cubase. Develop your own custom solutions to use in house or even for sale!