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Mazda Miata E Brake Removal. While the crew replaced the pump, Cassidy and Getchell headed to the local auto parts store for a replacement belt and power steering fluid. Although still not reaching the velocities they wanted, the team had power steering, a repaired exhaust header and sticky tires. Belt too loose or too tight? Turns out the new belt was a bit loose and slipping, causing the squeaking.

Invest in a Budget Laptop. Tightened and good to go, they strapped back in. The father-son team of Travis and Terry Hanson had another remarkable performance, winning the Super Production class by over two and a half minutes over their closest rivals. The work by the machine shop was exceptional and our helmets and hats are off to them! Weight Savings Using Different Hardware.

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These results are unofficial and subject to change. Replacement pump might be bad? The crew sourced another power steering pump from fellow competitor Pat Moro. The exact text will differ depending on the actual application you have running. The team ended their trip home just behind another snowstorm-the same that they had in Missouri-just now in the Northeast.

Competitor Krowlikowski was out with a blown turbo, so the team had an opportunity to push for another position at least. We notice you're using an ad blocker. Ultimately Smith kept the skinny pedal down longer as the day wore on and vehicles battled the sand, and his lead over Hascher grew.

Refresh the Autoblog page you were viewing. After dropping off the supplies to the team around midnight, Cassidy and Getchell headed back to the hotel while the crew worked through the cold night. It was blown as was the case in the forum post. You must be logged in to perform that action. Then the power steering pump began to squeal.

Block Rockin Beat Acre Woods rally results - Autoblog

Photos by Lorne Trezise, Copyright frozenmotionphotos. On the transit out to the first stage of the day, the power steering hitched a few times and had Cassidy worried that he might not have it for long. Crack in the header welded up, Cassidy was awakened often by the crew with status updates on the repairs as well as for guidance on how to proceed. We usually say we had a good time and leave it at that!

It took all my concentration to keep the tow rope taut and be safe. The gearing of the car isn't really an issue in the snow, as it's about smoothness and commitment. In addition to the power steering loss, we had a crack in the exhaust manifold. High and low pressure lines might be swapped? All results are considered provisional pending official post-event race processes.

The team would like to thank their crew for their support prior to, and during, the event We couldn't have done it without you! Block drove the Open Class Ford Fiesta to victory despite having a tough first day and starting the second leg over a minute behind rally leader, Travis Pastrana. One of the power steering lines developed a crack. Good thing it's not our first time in that position.

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Forced to race stages with manual steering, Cassidy knew they'd bleed time. We knew this was our opportunity to have fun and go fast. The first leg of stages went well for the crew, but didn't see them setting any land speed records. Able to finish the stage, Cassidy and Getchell shut down all unnecessary electrical systems as they knew they were now running on battery. Just like you they are interested in making their cars better, faster and stronger.

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The results are but a small part of the weekend's story. Determined to pick up the pace, disaster struck. We went from race mode to survival mode. With the low power level, the engine control unit started to run erratically, so the crew was forced to pull to the side of the dark Missouri country road. They got to the next stage start a bit early and decided they'd take a late penalty if need be, if only to suss out the issue.

Here you can find updates from all of the drivers and cars that we sponsor and the events that they attend. The truck fired up and they continued on their way back to the hotel. John Conley and Keith Rudolph finished third in class. The Rally in the Acre Wood also hosted the Rally America Regional Championship, where regional winners from gathered to shoot it out for top honors. Brad Morris with navigator Doug Nagy in their Mitsubishi Lancer captured second place with a focused and disciplined drive.

Each time we'd pull up and see them there, we'd high-five! It only takes a few seconds. The Two-Wheel-Drive class had a last-minute change that turned out to be a big shake-up. Again, without Pat's help, the team would not have completed the event. Clear to start the race on Friday, Cassidy and Getchell were off to a relatively slow start.

This page is for personal, non-commercial use. Go to lastditchracing's photostream. Cassidy and Getchell played all the possible scenarios out in their minds. Check your in-box to get started. Luckily that didn't happen, but other things that we expected did.

We should also note the promising opening performances of Colin Bombara and George Georgakopoulos, who both put in inspired drives early in the race, but ultimately did not finish. Sebastian Kokoszka was the fastest RallySolo driver, and without the aid of a co-driver, m2n61 ax driver free he took fourth overall.

The rally, with more than three hours of live stage-side coverage streamed live via Internet, ran smoothly and was well supported by the hosting towns of Cheraw, Patrick, and Chesterfield. Attrition was heavy in Super Production, with several crews retiring throughout the rally with various mechanical issues. The Ford driver was able to gain some ground after Antoine L'Estage dropped to third place due to a water crossing visibility issue and a puncture on the second stage of the day. Once on the ground in Missouri, Driver John Cassidy and Co-Driver Dave Getchell spent most of Thursday on one pass recce, while the crew fettled with the car and put it through technical inspection.

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Please enter a display name. The dash lit up like a Christmas tree and the truck died and wouldn't restart.

39th Rally Acropolis (31//6/) - Racing Cars

39th Rally Acropolis (31//6/) - Racing Cars

The All-Wheel-Drive division also had its share of podium drama take place, although earlier in the race. At the start of the last stage, while waiting to start, the crew heard the telltale screaming of metal on metal in the engine bay.