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You can observe this by setting the potentiometer at about half speed before running the motor. The L Series inverters vary in size according to the current output rating and motor size for each model number. This chapter will explain the purpose of each set of parameters, and help you decide which ones are important to your application. Read the descriptions below and select the package according to your needs.

However, applications with a combination of a high-inertia load and a. Be careful not to cover the screw access on models like the one shown. Keep any other heat-producing equipment as far away from the inverter as possible. Use the same wire gauge on the motor and chassis ground wiring as you used on the power input wiring in the previous step.

Using a commutation algorithm, the microprocessor in the drive switches the power transistors on and off at a very high speed to create the desired output waveforms. The inverter has up to three jump frequencies see graph, below right with hysteresis around them to cause the inverter output to skip around the sensitive frequency values. Check the following before and during the powerup. The mounting holes are pre-drilled in the heat sink for your convenience.

The state-of-the-art components in Hitachi drives provide all the benefits of speed control, while overcoming the classical problems listed above. You are free to download, beltronics pro gx65 vs sti driver install and use the software in accordance with Hitachi software license agreement. What type of motor is compatible with the Hitachi inverters?

Hitachi J IGBT Inverter AC Motor Drive Control J L2

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Use a small screwdriver Regular or Phillips to loosen the screw. Rescue flood fighting rotary drill hitachi pile driver. The required driver files will be installed in your computer device. Configuring Drive Parameters.

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Several options related to electrical noise suppression are available for the Hitachi. This is for protection in the event of a short in the. Check the following before and during the powerup test.


One L Quick-reference Guide. When the inverter detects an overload, it must decelerate the motor to reduce the current until it is less than the threshold. Contact For Free Shipping. For example, a motor can overheat if it runs for too long at a low speed. The diagram dimensions are to be suitably amended for your application.


Proper grounds, disconnecting devices and other safety devices and their location are the responsibility of the user and are not provided by Hitachi, Ltd. Connect wiring to the motor. Be sure to connect the grounding terminal to earth ground. All Hitachi inverters develop a variable three-phase output, requiring the. If a large regenerative torque is required, the optional regenerative braking unit should be used.

Some V class inverters will accept single-phase or three-phase power, but all V class inverters require a three-phase power supply. If it is on, review the instructions above. These controls and indicators are usually the only ones needed after the inverter installation is complete.

Swing the door around to the left to reveal the internal components of the drive. The following instructions apply to the powerup test, or to any time the inverter is powered and operating. The intention is for the inverter to assume the role of switching power to the motor during all normal operations. These components are often in our stock. If the optional remote operator is used and the retry function has been selected, this will also cause automatic restarting when an operation instruction is active.

The model number for a specific inverter contains useful information about its operating characteristics. It is possible to damage the inverter or other devices in.

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The Hitachi L inverters have product labels located on the right side of the housing, as pictured below. The specific delivery time depends on the items and the quantity of your order. For the model types excluded in the standard specifications, contact your Hitachi sales representative.

However, this special inverter varies its output frequency and voltage according to the desired motor speed. Locate the label sheet that came with the manual. The keypad layout is pictured below. And we can offer competitive price.

The terminal functions have a symbol or abbreviation, which we use to label a terminal using that function. If not, review the programming steps to find the problem. However, note first that the same set of parameters and functions are.

Some models of Hitachi inverters will accept either single phase or three-phase. That depends on the required precision, and the slowest speed the motor will. The housing footprint is exceptionally small, given the size of the corresponding motor. The Operator Monitor can view but not edit parameters.

Be sure to turn on the input power supply after closing. You can choose the rate of deceleration that the inverter uses to lower the output current.