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All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. There's pretty much only one way you can get them in, and not a lot of play on either side to allow rotation. Also one that we'd asked for in our previous review. Adjusting any one of these three values will adjust the others in concert, while leaving the image cropping as set previously.

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It's just one of those things you can never have too much of, like money or good looks! The scanner needs to be calibrated when it is first set up, whenever it is moved between computers, or whenever the software indicates calibration is needed, via a message displayed on-screen. To build the graph, the computer counts the number of image pixels having each individual brightness value, and plots the totals.

Once connected, the PhotoSmart Scanner is controlled by an excellent scanning program that we'll describe below. VueScan is the ultimate tool for all your film and slide scanning needs.

When it is used, it's frequently overdone, resulting in heavy, blocky images. What's more, if they tried to do so, the resulting software interface would be vastly complex and hopelessly confusing for users.

Many scanners deal with the color-negative strangeness by providing custom color profiles for different film types. The only feeding problem we had was with some very thick, glass-windowed slide mounts, which the feed rollers had a hard time gripping. Used in conjunction with the exposure controls, these indicators are tremendously useful!

If you are a Windows user though, you'll find the PhotoSmart Scanner an affordable, highly capable scanning option. Once they were in the scanner, there were no problems whatever. On the earlier PhotoSmart scanner, we observed a minor problem with the calibration process, aspire 4738g treiber windows xp which showed up in very dark areas on some of our standard images.

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Overall color is manipulated by the control panel shown at right. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. Do you have boxes full of photos in a drawer?

HP Photosmart s20 Photo Scanner Drivers

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You can make fine adjustments in the pixel dimensions, either by changing the value in the scaling percentage window, or by adjusting the horizontal or vertical pixel numbers accordingly. Mac users regrettably must look elsewhere for their scanning solutions. Changes made with the various controls appear automatically in the preview image shown in this screen. This happens most often in either the extreme highlights, at the right-hand side of the graph, or in the extreme shadows, at the left-hand edge of it. Another common situation is that a number of images will need more or less similar setups, as they were all captured under similar conditions.

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Color Once the exposure range is set, it's time to consider the color balance of your image. Colors were exceptionally accurate and bright, yet delicate pastels were well-preserved. Again, a fairly intuitive control, particularly when coupled with the continuously-updated preview image.

It does a great job of optimizing images for screen display, but the requirements for maximum sharpness in prints are a bit different. VuePrint is an excellent utility for printing multiple images on a page. This worked well for us, and should be more than enough to compensate for most mis-mounted slides.

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Reply I have the same question. Often, you'll try a scan, then decide that you want to tweak the settings a bit and try another. Size Resolution and sizing are always a source of confusion in scanning. Here, the cursor in the color wheel shown in the neutral, centered position is used to shift the overall color balance of the image in the direction of whatever color it's dragged toward. Even when it occurs though, the effect is fairly subtle.

And the earlier model was no slouch, either. The application is excellent. Some scanners focus their optics automatically, while others require the user to do so, generally with the help of some feedback from the scanning software. This is great for strips of negatives, but film sometimes gets mis-mounted in slide holders.

The highlight and shadow sliders on the other hand, are fairly limited in the range of tonal values they affect. Calibration Actually, before we get into the scanning process itself, it would probably be a good idea to mention calibration.

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All the film-handling mechanics are built into the unit itself, and you simply select among the three media types with a front-panel push-button. Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site. So what's the use of this? This film appears to have a very different color balance than most other color print films, and has given most scanners we've tested fits.

You can frequently make very good overall color-balance adjustments in an image simply by stretching the red, green, and blue histograms separately to fill the available tonal range. Supported Film Types One of the things we've learned in playing with film scanners is just how strange color negative film is!