Kodak I1405 Scanner Drivers

Replacement Procedures Replacement procedures Replacing the feed module or feed module tires A December This section provides procedures for replacing the following parts. This option is not available in Pixels mode. This option allows you to change the black and white image to be darker or lighter. Image Edge Fill Tab Image Edge Fill tab This option fills the edges of the final electronic image by covering the area with the specified color. The printer can add a date, time, document sequential counter, and custom messages.

The following sections provide descriptions and procedures for configuring Image settings. Check the Printer check box and click Done. Image Edge Fill is performed after all other image processing options have been applied.

On the Device - General tab, click the Diagnostics button. Set the imaging guide aside.

Kodak i4200 User Manual


Kodak i4600 Supplementary Manual

Scan the blank sheet of paper that is in the input elevator. The separation roller cover is spring-loaded.

Place a blank sheet of paper in the input elevator. Reinstall the output tray. Wash your hands with soap and water after performing maintenance procedures.

The greater the resolution, the better the reproduction. Inside View Inside view When you pull the scanner cover release latch forward the following internal components are visible.

You can choose a different page size using the drop-down list. Close the printer access cover and reinstall the output tray. Click the icon to enable the image view panels. The scanner cover will open partially.

Handle the imaging guides carefully so as to not put fingerprints on the guides. Be sure to line up the slots on the separation roller with the holders. The installation program starts automatically.

ISIS and Cloud Capture Certified Scanner Drivers


Insert the new separation roller. The input elevator must be in the lowest position before closing it. If you select Normal, select the side s i. Close the scanner cover and the printer access cover. If the scanner finds more than one photograph on a document, one image is still returned.

ISIS and Cloud Capture Certified Scanner Drivers

Only use the scanner indoors in a dry location. The Kodak Scanner drivers allow you to control the camera settings independently. European Union This symbol indicates that when the last user wishes to discard this product, d-link wireless g wua-1340 driver it must be sent to appropriate facilities for recovery and recycling. Clean the feed module tires by manually rotating and wiping the feed module tires with a roller cleaning pad.

With all options, the condition will be logged in the scanner. The following sections provide descriptions and procedures for configuring Scanner settings. Gebruikershandleidingen op installatie-cd. Cleaning Procedures Staticide Wipes contain isopropanol which can cause eye irritation and dry skin.

Change the pre-separation pad when the frequency of multi-fed documents increases. The General- Diagnostics window will be displayed. Images with sizes less than the number you select will not be created. Raise the cover up to fully open the cover for access to the internal components.

Select your manufacturer

Kodak i4200 User Manual

Select Install Scanner Software. These channels are where the blotter strips will be installed or replaced. In order to use the printing option you must have purchased and installed the Enhanced Printer Accessory. Open the printer access cover. When setting Auto Color Detect values, it is suggested that you start with the Medium option and scan a typical job set.

Kodak frequently updates drivers and firmware to correct issues and add new features. You can only run a print test by using the Kodak Scan Validation Tool. Environmental Information Kodak locally for more information. Pull the scanner cover release latch forward. About Tab Configuring Scanner settings The About tab displays information about your scanner and driver.


Use the list below as a guideline for frequency of replacement. The information in this guide is for use with both models unless otherwise noted. You can view the Operator and Meter logs and save this information to a file by clicking the Save icon, or copy the information to the clipboard which can then be pasted into a document. The side guides can also be folded flat against the output tray. This may cause electrical shock or a fire.