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Kohjisha s SA1F00 better and cheaper than a UMPC

Not anything out of the ordinary anyway. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi indicators beneath the display glow green when the radios are on.

The problem is the keyboard itself. The lack of a touchscreen and a subpar keyboard, for example, are major shortcomings. The unit delivers on some of its promises and offers above-average battery life compared to other handtops to boot. Tragic, really, as I love cases.


Friend uses same on iPhone and also loves it. Quick Takes are based on short-term usage of various gadgets provided by Dynamismthe best place to find next-generation notebooks and consumer electronics from Japan and around the world. On a positive note, the controls flanking the display are well positioned and easy to reach. Recent Posts Take a selfie with a speaker? Keyboard I had high hopes for this keyboard.


Nonsense aside, the screen is bright and colorful and easy on the eyes. The form factor begs for laptop-mode use, but the keyboard is too cramped and the device in general is too narrow for it. Because of this, typing accuracy and speed are compromised. The device is sturdy and lightweight, though a bit lopsided because of the battery.

Unlike in other industries, trends in technology rarely come full circle. Lee is the founder of Pocketables. She loves gadgets the way most women love shoes and purses. Not regularly, anyway, and not on my own accord.

This article is part of the Quick Takes series. Both are responsive and easy enough to control.

The x native resolution is not without problems, but it suits the display size and offers a nice balance between readability and clarity.

Again, though, my requirements are weak and flimsy compared to hardcore techies who feel seconds the way most people feel minutes. Using the keyboard as a thumboard is a masochistic activity, dh421 mouse driver but I do like the responsive touchpad and mouse buttons below it.

The Toshiba and Fujitsu subnotebooks are listed just to give the Kohjinsha unit some modern context. Unfortunately, it comes up short in other areas. But why would anyone ever do this?

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